To outline the basic standards of general conduct expected of Fire Department members.



        A.   All Fire Department members are expected to operate in a highly self-disciplined manner.
        B .  Members shall abide by the standards of personal conduct outlined within the policy.




        Every member of the Harpswell Neck Fire Department is responsible to regulate his or her own conduct in a positive, productive, and mature way.



        A.   Follow Operations Manual and written directives of both the Harpswell Neck Fire Department and the Town of Harpswell.
        B.   Use their training and capabilities to protect the public at all times, both on and off duty.
        C.   Work competently in their positions to cause all department programs to operate effectively.
        D.   Always conduct themselves to reflect credit on the department.
        E.   Be managed in an effective, considerate manner and follow instructions in a positive, cooperative manner.
        F.   Always conduct themselves in a manner that relates good order inside the department.
        G.   Keep themselves informed to do their jobs effectively.
        H.   Be concerned and protective of each member's welfare.
        I.   Operate safely and use good judgment.
        J.   Keep themselves physically fit.
        K.   Observe the work hours of their position.
        L.   Obey the law.
        M.   Be careful of department equipment and property.
        N.   Be civil and respectful to their officers and to each other and to the public.



        A.   Engage in any activity that is detrimental to the department.
        B.   Engage in a conflict of interest to the department or use their position with the department for personal gain.
        C.   Use alcoholic beverages, debilitating drugs, or any substance which could impair their physical or mental capabilities while on duty.
        D.   Fight.
        E.   Engage in horseplay.
        F.   Use profanity, improper conduct, or indecent language during meeting, calls or anytime on HNFD property.
        G.   Be permitted to make derogatory remarks to anyone about any member or officer of the department, 
which might subject them or the department to ridicule.
             Any such matter should be brought to the attention of the Fire Chief.
        H.   Make a false official report or make a false statement or gossip about a member of the Fire Department 
or the business of the Department to the discredit or the detriment of any such member of the department or the department as a whole.




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